Tratta is a SaaS product to manage user's transactions in real time and plan their revenue projections with accurate data. It unlocks payment data for financial companies tracking transactions across multiple platforms and channels to automate reconciliation while eliminating errors and declines.
Tratta's built in subscription management tools alert, update and transform payment plans using historical payment method data to be proactive and extend the continuity of every eligible plan until it completes.
Companies can get a top-line view of their revenues or zoom all the way into a channel, portfolio or individual transaction.

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We were originally approached by Josh Allen, the founder and CEO of Tratta, when he began to see diminishing returns from his hired dev team on his previous product Revenly. When Revenly wasn't working, we helped Josh quickly pivot to a new idea he had called Tratta.

Tratta was an instant success and with our expert design, development and business sense we helped turn it into an overnight hit. The result was that revenue grew quickly and allowed Josh to go full time with Tratta while still maintaining the Revenly platform for existing customers..


At 64 Robots our development is completely test driven, which for Tratta, resulted in going to nearly 1000 automated feature and browser tests. Testing is hooked up to our continuous integration pipeline, so you don't have code reaching production unless all tests are passing.


Automated Tests


By the owner's account, after switching to 64 Robots, he saw 3x jump in the development rate and much more stable code.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment on every project is to deliver high quality scalable code. On top of our advanced single page application (SPA) architecture we ensure our team sticks best practices and coding standards with every commit. We stay on the top of our game by attending the Laravel and VueJS conferences every year and requiring each developer to spend a few hours each week on courses developed by industry leaders.

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