Sign Code, Inc.

Sign Code Inc provides ordinance checks for any address in the United States or Canada. Todd, the CEO, came to us with his problem: an ancient, dysfunctional system, built in ASP, tens of thousands of files stored on a Windows NT computer, and a database without normalized data. As the system was quickly reaching its limits we were tasked with creating something to take his company into the next decade or longer.

The challenge of this project was to take an archaic system that required numerous manual processes and rebuild in a modern way with automation for all of the menial daily tasks that staff had to perform.

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A complete rebuild was obvious, however, given the complexity of his business and the intricate workflow for his employees we first began with interviews of users of their current system, to find what worked, what didn't, and all the areas of inefficiency.


The interviews allowed us to architect a powerful yet intuitive system built in Laravel and Vue.js. The new system handled all aspects of his business from customer acquisition, employee ordinance review workflows, to payroll and accounting on Quickbooks.

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We created a new landing page and logo for Todd that gave his company a more professional look while clearly illustrating their services.

Data Migration

Migrating his data was a large undertaking that required complex logic to "clean" and reorganize data to match normalized standards. We transferred all existing files from a Windows NT storage to an Amazon S3 bucket.

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The Result

The final product resulted in a huge ROI in a short period of time. Dozens of work hours were saved each week with the new workflow and automated accounting. Server costs were reduced significantly, and Todd's team recently handled a contract, 10x the average size, effortlessly. We’ve been maintaining and building new features for Sign Code for the past 4 years and continue to improve the efficiency of their day to day business.

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