Red Flag Mania

Red Flag Mania came to us with an investigate experience that they had developed as a physical product. While visually pleasing and intuitive, it lacked a digital experience. The goal was to create a web application that would fully implement the physical experience of the game in digital form.

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We began by meeting in person and Jon and I went through the entire physical experience guided by Kelly so we would understand the product before beginning development. This allowed us to see what would work in the digital experience and what wouldn't. We made a number of suggestions to tweak or improve the product in digital form.


RFM was built using a modern architecture including Laravel, Laravel Nova, Nuxt.js and Vue.js. A unique and beautiful design was built by our team to give the product the visual flair it needed to set itself apart from other products.


The final product has blown away potential customers in each demo and is currently being pilot tested by a number of schools, with 64 Robots continuing ongoing development as a partner.

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