Red Flag Mania

Red Flag Mania reimagines learning by using true-crime investigations as a framework for an engaging and immersive experience. It places learners on a constant quest for knowledge. It gamifies learning with scalable, hands-on training to promote critical thinking and enhance problem-solving skills. Every participant is placed in the center of a case and tasked with detecting and hunting for red flags to solve the case.

The challenge of the Red Flag Mania project was taking a product that was being sold utilizing videos and documents and transferring it to a digital platform. Scalability was also a large part of this project, as the platform must be built to support many universities and students at once.

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Initially we spent a day going through the existing physical experience guided by Red Flag Mania, so we would fully understand the product before beginning to plan how we would design and build it.. This allowed us to see what would work in the digital experience and what wouldn't. We made a number of suggestions to tweak or improve the product in digital form.

Red Flag Site


RFM was built using a modern architecture including Laravel, Laravel Nova, Nuxt.js and Vue.js. A unique and beautiful design was built by our team to give the product the visual flair it needed to set itself apart from other products.

The Result

Red Flag Mania is now an award winning, innovative e-learning solution that inverts the traditional classroom by placing students at the center of their learning experience. With instructors serving as coaches, students dive into real-world cases to grapple with complex learning dilemmas. We continue to partner with them as their dev team, building new features and educational experiences.

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