Hunt A Killer

Hunt A Killer, a "mystery in a box" creator, came to us to create a digital component to their physical boxes. They had previously worked with another vendor with disappointing results. They had lofty goals that required the right partner to implement.

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We examined the existing site that the previous vendor had built along with the desired outcomes for the new sites and came up with a plan and architecture that would get the results HAK needed.


We focused on building a modern, single page application using Vue.js. With beautiful designs from the HAK team we were able to build a unique, visually pleasing and appropriately themed site for each project.


The final products were able to come in on budget, on time with short turnaround times for each site.

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This Stralenberg one is like an abandoned website of an old mine. At some point the user is able to "hack" the system and enter to a security zone.

Earth Break

This project is like a facility portal in a Zombie-like appocalypse (pretty accurate these days).

There is a forum, news and several information channels.

There is also a AI chat where the user can have a conversation with a machine and get information and eventually get hints in order to hack the system and solve the case.

Depending on the status of your investigation, you're able to find out user/password combination, that let's you unblock the "light side" of the desktop.
If you do things well you enter to the dark side of the desktop where you can find more sensitive information.

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