Discount Quality Stairs

Discount Quality Stairs (DQS) had an existing online stair builder with an antiquated design, a complex flow and a lot of bugs. We worked closely with our designer to reinvent the process from start to finish. The end result is a modern webapp with an intuitive flow, that significantly increased conversion and sales.

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The Original

The original platform suffered from a clunky, unintuitive design. Most of DQS's customers were not able to complete all the steps of the builder without assistance from the staff. It also did not have a welcoming presentation.

Original website

A New Look

Presentation is everything. We made sure the start of the builder was a simple yet prominent page that exudes quality. To help achieve this we brought in a talented 3D animator to replace the old assets with detailed stair mockups.

Redesigned website

Increasing Conversion

Defining the measurements of stairs was the most intricate part of the process and where we spent most of our time getting right. We carefully balance reducing two pages of steps into one, while not inundating potential customers with too many fields. The end result is a more intuitive process that significantly boosted conversion.

Mobile Stair Creation

Creative Solutions

In every one of our projects we try to exceed expectations with creative solutions. For DQS we helped customers visualize changes to the stair dimensions, on the fly, with a dynamic SVG component we built and open sourced — called eaSyVueG.

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