The Cents team came to us to build their Fintech app from the ground up. Cents allowed users to make monthly payments using the "roundups" from their purchases and pay down their debt. While the company had to pause due to lack of funding, Cents demonstrated the best of what 64 Robots brings to the table - branding, beautiful design, advanced code solutions, and domain expertise that impressed the investors so much they had us lead the team for over a year.

The Solution

First impressions are everything in the app world and we made sure to make Cents stand out among the competition. The landing page for Cents welcomed prospective users with beautiful graphics and animation that clearly explained how the app benefits different users.

Cents UI

Simple and elegant onboarding

The UI/UX on the Cents app made normally cumbersome and often intimidating onboarding forms look simple and elegant.

Cents Security


For Fintech apps like Cents, keeping a user's private information secure is paramount. We took a three prong approach:


Bank-level encryption to protect account numbers and login credentials.


Partnering with standard bearer providers like Dwolla to meet the strict audit requirements to move money in the United States.


An advance test suite to ensure the application worked end to end.

Cents Mobile

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