Revenly is a SaaS platform for collection agencies that was struggling to grow due to increasingly longer development times and buggy code. By the owner's account, after switching to 64 Robots, they saw 3x jump in the development rate and much more stable code.

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Code Audit

We were originally approached by Josh Allen, the founder and CEO of Revenly, when he began to see diminishing returns from his hired dev team. New features were taking increasingly longer to develop, and bugs were becoming more pervasive. At 64 Robots we know these are tell tale signs of a poor architecture and testing standards, so we provided Revenly with a code audit.

Our audits are a 5-10 hour detailed review of your entire platform, from the database to the frontend code. The end result is a full report on the state of your application with actionable suggestions that can help get you back on track.


At 64 Robots our development is completely test driven, which for Revenly, resulted in going from 0 to nearly 1000 automated feature and browser tests. Testing is hooked up to our continuous integration pipeline, so you don't have code reaching production unless all tests are passing.


Automated Tests


By the owner's account, after switching to 64 Robots, he saw 3x jump in the development rate and much more stable code.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment on every project is to deliver high quality scalable code. On top of our advanced single page application (SPA) architecture we ensure our team sticks best practices and coding standards with every commit. We stay on the top of our game by attending the Laravel and VueJS conferences every year and requiring each developer to spend a few hours each week on courses developed by industry leaders.

Not all software developers are created equal. Rarely will a company in any industry exceed your expectations. Even more rare is one that does it with consistency time and time again. These guys will work your project like it is their own and the only one they have, providing transparent, honest communication along the way.

Joshua Allen—Founder & CEO


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